Field NameData TypeDescription
idstringUnique identifier for the object.
typestringThe resource type of the return object. The value is "dispute".
statusstringStatus of the dispute(payment).
Current status of dispute. Possible values are warning_needs_response, warning_under_review, warning_closed, needs_response, under_review, charge_refunded, won, or lost.
amount_subunitintegerAmount is disputed from this payment, in cents.
currencystringThree-letter ISO currency code, in lowercase. Must be a supported currency.
metadatahashSet of key-value pairs that you can attach to an object. This can be useful for storing additional information about the object in a structured format.

gateway_metadata is reserved keyword used by Elements, original request metadata contains "gateway_metadata" will be rejected
created_atintegerA timestamp indicates the created time of dispute