Field NameData TypeDescription
idstringUnique identifier for the object.
typestringThe resource type of the return object. The value is "charge".
cancel_urlstringthe url we redirects user to if user opts-out from the checkout session
return_urlstringthe url we redirects user to after user completed checkout
live_modeenum"test" / "live"
localestringput "auto" if you don't have one specified, otherwise, follow to put your locale value
metadataJSONmetadata attached to the order
modeenum"payment" / "vault"
payment_method_typesarray of stringsone or many from "apple_pay", "google_pay", "card"
payment_statusenumthe status of payment. "unpaid" / "paid" / "no_payment_required"
statusenumthe status of the session, "active" / "expired" / "completed"
client_reference_idstringyour client reference id
customer_emailstringcustomer's email address
external_customer_idstringyour customer reference id
expired_atintegerthe timestamp when the session would expire
shipping_addressstringshipping address if there is any
customer_idstringelements' customer reference id
charge_idstringelements' charge reference id
payment_method_idstringelements' payment method reference id
line_itemsarray of objectsarray of line_items to included in the order, this can include products, tax, discounts, etc.
urlstringthe URL tied to the checkout session created