Quick Start


Your Elements POC will assist you to create an merchant console account. You will use this console to easily manage your payments on all connected processors.

You need at least one payment processor account (e.g. Stripe) and have access to the API key. Our supported payment processors are listed here.

Setup Connections

To manage your payments with Elements, first you need to setup the connections with your existing payment processors. This can be done in the Connections tab in Elements merchant console.


Dashboard -> Connections -> Choose Payment Processor

Generate Elements API Key

The Elements API uses API keys to authenticate requests. You can manage your API keys in the API key tab under Developer.


Dashboard -> Developer -> API key -> Create New API Key / Regenerate API Key

Install Elements Library


gem 'elements-pay', '~> 1.0'
gem install elements-pay


pip install elements-pay

Next Steps

Please continue to the next chapters to learn more about what you can do with Elements API.