Data Migration

Migrating data to Elements



In order to avoid any gaps in data, we recommend you first launch with our tokenization SDKs - you should do this before migrating from your existing psp.

After you have already started tokenizing with Elements, you only need to migrate your data once from your current PSP. After this time, Elements can fully act as the custodian of complete consumer payment data.

Step 1: Current PSP → Elements

Authorize Elements to request the export of the card details from one of your current providers (e.g. Stripe). Elements will then handle everything on your behalf with your current provider in a secure and PCI-compliant way. We will provide our PCI Attestation of Compliance (AOC) to your third party.

Step 2: Merchant → Elements

The only data we need from you is the mapping between your internal customer_id and the associated customer identifier at your PSP. Since each migration is a little bit different based on merchant-specific business logic, engineers from our team will do all the heavy lifting.